Clinically proven lip hydration

Don't take our word for how well Prevasore protects and heals dry or chapped lips. Take a look at the results of our user evaluation. They speak for themselves.

Evidence of Prevasore's moisturising properties

The moisturising properties of Prevasore’s unique formulation have been demonstrated in a study in 54 volunteers (male and female, aged 18-70 years) suffering from dry or cracked lips1.

Subjects applied Prevasore as often as they liked for five days. Corneometry (a well-established method for accurately measuring skin hydration) was used to assess lip moisturisation, and a trained investigator assessed lip dryness and chapping.

Subjects also assessed treatment performance.

The results after 5 days' use

  • 81% increase in lip hydration
  • 94% reduction in lip dryness
  • 99% reduction in lip cracking

The volunteers also reported

  • 96% said their lip condition had improved
  • 96% said their lips felt smoother
  • 96% said their lips looked, and felt, healthy
  • 96% said the formulation had soothed their lips

1. Data on File, Diomed Direct. 



Prevasore is marketed by Diomed Direct, the direct-selling division of a UK group of companies with 50 years' experience in developing highly effective, brand-leading products for treating a wide range of skin conditions.


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