How Prevasore cares for your lips

Use Prevasore everyday to help keep your lips healthy and feeling great. Its unique formulation is designed to increase moisture retention, helping to keep lips soft, protected and cold sore free.

Prevasore can help care for your lips in two ways:

  • Helping to prevent cold sores. Chapped lips are a known trigger for cold sores, so by keeping your lips soft and hydrated with Prevasore, you are actively helping to keep cold sores at bay
  • Relieving the symptoms should a cold sore appear. Using Prevasore will not only soothe the discomfort, itching and burning sensation, it can also encourage healing and help prevent further cold sores

Why you should look after your lips

The skin on your lips is much thinner than the skin covering the rest of your body - it is 4-5 times thinner than the skin on your face – so it’s delicate and more likely to split or chap.

As the skin is so thin, the layers are actually translucent, giving lips their characteristic pinkish or reddish colour. What you are actually seeing is the colour of thousands of tiny blood vessels just below the skin’s surface.

The thinness of the skin means it’s very easy for lips to split, leading to unsightly and uncomfortable chapping and providing an opportunity for the Herpes Simplex virus to activate and cause a cold sore outbreak. The lips aren’t only prone to physical damage, the weather can take its toll too, because unlike the rest of your skin, there are no sweat glands on the lips to keep them moisturised and lubricated.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the lips need to be well looked after and protected from damage.

Lip care tips

  • Use Prevasore every day
  • Don’t lick your lips - it can make your lips dryer and more prone to chapping and cold sores developing
  • Don’t bite your lips or tease off pieces of loose skin - it’ll only make dry or chapped lips worse
  • Don’t touch your lips with your fingers when they are sore – it may make them worse
  • Drink plenty of water - proper hydration helps more than just your lip health
  • Cover your face with a scarf during the winter - it’ll keep drying, cold winds away from your lips
  • Shade your face with a wide-brimmed hat in summer - it’ll keep your lips cool and reduce UV (Ultra Violet light) exposure
  • Consider using a humidifier - in dry indoor environments

Prevasore is great lip care for men, too

Men are just as likely to develop cold sores as women.

If you develop a cold sore, Prevasore can help it heal and reduce pain and discomfort. But ideally you should use Prevasore every day if you’re prone to dry or chapped lips.


Prevasore is lip therapy that speaks for itself. Experience it for yourself for just £6.95

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