How Prevasore helps stop dry lips leading to cold sores

Prevasore’s unique formulation is designed to encourage healthy lips. A combination of emollient (softening/moisturising) and humectant (moisture retaining) ingredients are suspended in a convenient gel formulation that has great staying-power on your lips.

How Prevasore works

Prevasore’s special formula maintains moisture levels in the skin on your lips, restoring softness and suppleness - as well as encouraging healing when lips are chapped and sore. By forming an effective barrier, Prevasore increases the amount of moisture retained in the lips and protects against harsh environments.

So Prevasore helps to protect you from:

  • Sore split lips
  • Irritating peeling lips
  • Chronic chapped lips
  • Recurrent cold sore outbreaks

How to stop getting cold sores

Dry and chapped lips are a recipe for cold sores. You can help prevent them by using Prevasore every day, rather than simply treating the sores when they occur. Daily application means that your lips’ natural moisture levels are maintained so drying and cracking is less likely to develop, reducing the chances of developing an unsightly, painful, and infectious cold sore.

And a single tube of Prevasore can last for months even if you use it every day.

Your questions answered

Q. Is Prevasore always the answer to dry lips?

A. For many people, Prevasore helps. But if the lips become red, sore and inflamed this may indicate a bacterial or fungal infection. In which case you should consult a pharmacist or your GP.

Q. What causes dry lips?

A. In addition to extreme weather, there are several potential causes of dry lips, including licking your lips, dehydration, breathing through your mouth, some toothpastes, acid in foods such as citrus fruit, too much Vitamin A, allergies, certain prescription medicines and a number of medical conditions.

Q. Am I suffering from dry lips or herpes?

A. Dry lips and herpes are not the same thing. Dry lips can be caused by something as simple as the weather or your working environment. But if your dry lips lead to cold sores, then you have the herpes virus in which case letting your lips get dry makes them more prone to a cold sore outbreak.

Q. Should I use Prevasore on the dry lips on my baby or young children?

A. No. We only recommend Prevasore for adults and children over 12.

Q. Can dry lips cause blisters?

A. Blisters (often called Fever Blisters in the USA) are another name for cold sores, so yes, letting your lips get dry and cracked can lead to cold sore outbreaks if you have the Herpes Simplex virus.

Q. I always have dry lips. How can I stop them looking so unsightly?

A. Simply applying Prevasore every day as part of your morning routine should help. It’ll moisturise your lips and keep them supple.


Prevasore is lip therapy that speaks for itself. Experience it for yourself for just £6.95.

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