How to help prevent cold sores with Prevasore

If you are susceptible to cold sores like one in five people in the UK, you will get outbreaks from time to time. But is there anything you can do to stop a cold sore?

You have probably heard many suggestions from using the right lip products to avoiding touching your lips - especially when they’re dry or chapped.

Here are some ideas to keep your lips looking and feeling great.

Make Prevasore part of your morning skin care routine

Don’t wait for your lips to start feeling dry or chapped. Or even for the first signs of a cold sore outbreak. Instead, use Prevasore every day to lock in moisture.

If you are also using lipstick or UV protection, you should always apply Prevasore first, in direct contact with the skin, where it can help keep your lips moist and make cold sores less likely to develop.

Prevent cold sores by leaving your lips alone

The more you peel, pick or bite flaky skin on your lips, the more problems you’ll have. Because the skin on your lips is thin and delicate, it’s easy to make it bleed and make cracking worse, and if you have the cold sore virus, you’ll encourage outbreaks of cold sores.

Some people recommend exfoliating your lips - don’t. It’ll only cause more damage.

Also, be careful which products you apply to your lips. Many people find eucalyptus, menthol and camphor can make dry or irritated lips worse.

Applying soothing Prevasore can help solve your problems with sore, chapped and cracked lips.

Your questions answered

Q. How should I apply Prevasore?

A. Apply just a thin coat to your lips. We recommend you use Prevasore every day as a preventative, but its use can be reserved for when you actually have dry, chapped lips or a cold sore

Q. Can I use my usual cosmetics with Prevasore?

A. You should have no problems using most brands of cosmetics

Q. Is Prevasore, alone, enough to protect my lips from the weather and the environment?

A. In most cases, the simple answer is yes, Prevasore is usually enough on its own for most people

Q. What do I do if Prevasore doesn’t help my lips?

A. See your doctor who, based on your medical history and lip examination, may be able to recommend alternative treatment


Experience for yourself how Prevasore’s unique emulsifying system locks in hydration.

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