What our customers are saying

Absolutely brilliant, it does what it says – I haven’t had a cold sore since I started using it.

Rosemary, West Yorkshire

I have been delighted with Prevasore. It is the best lip treatment I have used and I have tried many over the years. I have recommended it to my daughters as they are fellow sufferers of “winter lips”!

Marjorie, East Sussex

Prevasore is great and has kept the cold sores away for now. I use it every morning.

Jane, Nottinghamshire

Ever since using Prevasore my lips have never felt so soft and it has completely stopped cold sores. Even when I can feel a tingle of one coming on I pop a bit of Prevasore on my lips straight away and the tingle goes and no cold sore appears! It’s literally like magic. Thank you again!

Sam, London

I have suffered from cold sores for years. After my last outbreak at New Year’s I decided to try Prevasore. I use it twice a day and I’m so impressed that I haven’t had even a tingle since! Thank you so very much. Prevasore has changed my life!

Jayne, Devon

I am very pleased to have found this product - it keeps lips hydrated without being greasy. I have been using Prevasore for about four months and have had hardly any cold sores, and the one I have had did not develop into an unsightly scab. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from cold sores or dry lips.

Sally, Derbyshire

I have always suffered with my lips. I have tried everything but Prevasore is the only thing that works. Thank you very much; I’m a very happy customer.

Naomi, Nottinghamshire

After being plagued with cold sores this product is the best I have ever used.

Kathryn, Derbyshire

Having used Prevasore daily for the past year I’m pleased to say that I haven’t suffered from a cold sore during that time. It has a very pleasant taste and absorbs quickly into the lips. So far I am very happy with the results.

Tony, Caerphilly

Prevasore is the best lip therapy I have used. It has even passed the ‘Swiss Alps’ test. Despite the dry air there, I do not suffer from very dry, sore lips now. It even thwarts the oncoming cold sore.

John, Surrey

I have suffered from cold sores for many years and have tried a variety of different products. I have found Prevasore to be the most effective, and least expensive, so far.

Ruth, West Midlands

I buy this product for my wife who suffers from cold sores, since using Prevasore she doesn’t get them so much. Prevasore really has made a difference and I would recommend this product.

David, Surrey

I have purchased two lots of Prevasore since getting my first cold sore. I use it every day now to protect my lips from getting dry or chapped. I will continue to use Prevasore. It’s working so far!

Karen, Nottinghamshire

I love Prevasore, it stops my lips getting flaky and should I feel a cold sore coming on it certainly nips it in the bud. I usually buy two together so I can have one in my bag and one in my dressing table drawer.

Kath, North Yorkshire

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