What our customers are saying

I have been delighted with Prevasore. It is the best lip treatment I have used and I have tried many over the years. I have recommended it to my daughters as they are fellow sufferers of “winter lips”!

Marjorie, East Sussex

Prevasore is great and has kept the cold sores away for now.

Jane, Nottinghamshire

Ever since using Prevasore my lips have never felt so soft. Thank you!

Sam, London

I have suffered from cold sores for years. After my last outbreak at New Year’s I decided to try Prevasore and I’m so impressed that I haven’t had even a tingle since! Thank you so very much.

Jayne, Devon

I am very pleased to have found this product – it keeps lips hydrated without being greasy. I have been using Prevasore for months and have had hardly any cold sores, and the one I have had did not develop into an unsightly scab. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from cold sores or dry lips.

Sally, Derbyshire

I have always suffered with my lips. I have tried everything but Prevasore  works. Thank you very much; I’m a very happy customer.

Naomi, Nottinghamshire

Having used Prevasore for a while I’m pleased to say that I haven’t suffered from a cold sore during that time. It has a very pleasant taste and absorbs quickly into the lips. So far then I am very happy with the results.

Tony, Caerphilly

Prevasore is the best lip therapy I have used. It has even passed the ‘Swiss Alps’ test. Despite the dry air there, I did not suffer from very dry, sore lips. It even thwarts the oncoming cold sore.

John, Surrey

I have suffered from cold sores for many years and have tried a variety of different products. I have found Prevasore to be effective, and the least expensive, so far.

Ruth, West Midlands

I buy this product for my wife who suffers from cold sores, since using Prevasore she doesn’t get them so much. Prevasore really has made a difference and I would recommend this product.

David, Surrey

I have purchased two lots of Prevasore since getting my first cold sore. I use it now to protect my lips from getting dry or chapped. I will continue to use Prevasore. It’s working so far!

Karen, Nottinghamshire

I love Prevasore, it stops my lips getting flaky and should I feel a cold sore coming on it certainly nips it in the bud. I usually buy two together so I can have one in my bag and one in my dressing table drawer.

Kath, North Yorkshire

Although Prevasore can be highly effective (take a look at the results of our 5-day hydration study), as with any product, success cannot be guaranteed as everyone’s condition, and their individual response, can vary.

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